The Founder

Dr. David Tan

Dr. David Tan
MBBS (Singapore) 1969
Group Chairman and CEO

Dr. David Tan graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery from the University of Singapore. He was a Medical Hypnotist; in a rare field of practice, being a Fellow of the West Australian Society for Medical Hypnosis and subsequently a Fellow of the Australasian Society for Medical Hypnosis; which was a 3-year post-graduate course. However, he gave up the practise of Medical Hypnosis due to religious reasons. After setting up his first private medical practice, he continued to pursue his personal passion and mission where he helped out as Medical Superintendent (MS of Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital from 1973 – 1975). This action was his charity work to the public, which would also mark the first milestone in his professional life. Under his leadership, the hospital, which initially catered to only the Chinese Cantonese Clan, was made fully public and opened to all races. It was during his tenure that the first Indian patient was admitted as an in-patient. At Kwong Wai Shiu Free Hospital, modern Medical Doctors, Traditional Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists worked under the same roof. It was here that Dr. Tan honed his skills, passion and interests in Chinese herbs and his belief that Asian herbs can be utilized to fight chronic diseases including Cancer. After 2 years at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, he returned to his own private practice and to his patients with new found knowledge and experience. 

Dr. Tan’s initial medical research was inspired and supported by an inheritance from his grandfather, the late Mr. Heng Mui Keng. (Heng Mui Keng was a philanthropist and land developer after which the Singapore road “Heng Mui Keng Terrace” at NUS/Pasir Panjang was named after). His continuous passion and commitment in medicine /research can be seen in the followings: –

  • Dr. Tan continued to fund his passion from his own successes as an early pioneer of Medical Hypnosis in Singapore and as an Aesthetics Doctor. 
  • His passion and interest in Cancer Research from the early years of his career resulted in the publication of a paper on children’s Cancer in the Singapore Medical Journal in September 1970. 
  • He had invested much of his personal wealth in collaborations and partnerships with scientists from North America in the early eighties to find and discover natural, phyto-pharmaceutical cures for cancer. The accumulation of all the analyses done are reflected in the current Fight Cancer Naturally Forums, Workshops and Support Groups organized by the company over the last ten years.
  • He obtained his postgraduate diploma from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. 
  • He was a fellow of The Western Australian Society for Medical Hypnosis. • He has sat on the panel of Independent Practitioners for the Hospital Transplant Ethics Committee, Parkway Group Healthcare Pte. Ltd. from 1997-1998. 

After converting the Kwong Wai Shiu Free Hospital into a public one, Dr. Tan’s next career milestone was his retirement as a Medical Practitioner in 2009. This was another breakthrough in his professional life, as he was then fully able to commit to his life-long passion. It finally cumulated today to the founding of the BioDYNE Labs® group of companies, a bio-pharmaceutical corporation and platform dedicated to being the leader and pioneer in Medical Wellness and helping patients and consumers increase their quality of life and improve overall well-being by natural methods. With more than 40 years of prodigious clinical and analytical experience in the medical science field, Dr. Tan is the creator of the Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Techniques and Natural De-Stress Techniques-. These set of techniques are part of Dr. Tan’s global analyses to establish a unique sets of integrative healing methods to energize, nourish, nurture, strengthen and support the body to heal itself. Thus, even patients who are under high stress or difficulties sleeping can have a peace of mind and a good, quality life. 

Dr. Tan as a Medical Scientist has done prodigious analyses for forty years in the principles of every Natural Healing Modalities and Medical Wellness. 

Medical Wellness is referred to as natural health for the population by applying natural supervised methods / conducted by Medical Doctors. However, we also continue to encourage conventional modern medical treatment – healthcare; and in the treatment of the disease Cancer, the treatment could also encompass surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

At BioDYNE Labs®, we refer to Medical Wellness through 3 sub-categories:- 

  1. Cancer Wellness — achieving natural positive health for Cancer survivors by natural methods and applications. 
  2. Longaevitas Wellness — achieving longevity through practising BioDYNE Labs proprietary techniques, theories and methods. 
  3. Lifestyle Wellness — e.g. Helping people with sleep disorders achieve quality sleep by natural methods. 

Dr. Tan is happy that over the last 10 years in Singapore, he has been able to help many Cancer survivors to FIGHT their Cancers Naturally, and to show caregivers how to give their love ones the best care and help their family members who are at risk because of genetic reasons to avoid this hereditary problem. 

How did Dr. Tan achieve the above and how did he do it ? He achieved these through creating:- 

  1. Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum at the Singapore Management University (SMU), NTUC Centre (OMB) One Marina Boulevard and LLI – Lifelong Learning Institute, followed by 
  2. Practical Workshop Classes at the SMU. 
  3. Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Support Groups which are held every fortnightly at the SMU where there are continuous training, teaching, coaching and explanations of Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Techniques, Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Physical Exercises, Dr. David Tan’s Ten Keystones to Success and Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Program. 

Thus, to share the knowledge locally, Dr. Tan has conducted Fight Cancer Naturally Forums, Workshops, and Support Groups at the Singapore Management University (SMU). Dr. Tan is also the founder of the LONGAEVITASTM exclusive Vivere Vita Uberte 5 Days 4
Nights Royal Program. The English translation of the Latin phrase “Vivere Vita Uberte” is To Live a Life of Quality. The “Vivere Vita Uberte” 5 Days 4 Nights Royal Program is a medically supervised program which has combined therapeutic self-healing and integrative medicine to create an innovative form of therapy. Program participants get to maximize their learnings of the key takeaways in a very comfortable and relaxed environment and having hands-on
experiential learning of the full complete program. Classical forms of treatment by integrative medicine are complemented by the latest findings of scientific medicine under constant medical supervision by our Board of Medical Physicians.


Dr. Tan founded Cancer Wellness Limited, a charity in Singapore to enrich the emotional, mental, social, physical, psychosomatic and trans-personal / spiritual well-being of the community through befriending, supportive care, wellness-based activities, fund-raising and education for people challenged by cancer, sickness and infirmities. The Charity was founded in November 2015 and Dr. Tan is the Founding Chairman since 2015.

Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum