Complementary Medicine


All cancerous cells are caused by mutations.

These mutations can come as a result of:

  • Environmental agent
  • Toxic products of metabolism
  • Disease


What are Antioxidants and its Benefits? Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals (by-products) which can cause damage. Antioxidants act as “free radical scavengers” and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. Health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc are all contributed by oxidative damage.

What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary Medicine is a holistic, human-centered approach to health care that has begun to leave its mark on many of the world’s hospitals. Both doctors and patients alike are beginning to embrace the philosophy of complementary and integrative medicine and its “whole-person” approach to healing.

Complementary Medicine is a healing-oriented medicine that combines evidence-based conventional treatments and complementary therapies to address the medical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. Integrative medicine brings together a full range of proven therapies, with the patient’s optimal health and healing at the center. It stresses not just the treatment of disease, but the promotion of health and prevention of illness.

Integrative complementary medicine emphasizes:

  • A whole-person approach to healing (addresses the body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit)
  • The importance of the relationship/partnership between patient and practitioner
  • A collaborative approach to patient care among practitioners
  • The practice of conventional and complementary therapies that are evidence-based
  • Appropriate use of treatment methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response
  • Philosophy that considers all factors that influence health and disease
  • Incorporates therapeutic interventions in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress care and nutrition and supplements.

How is Complementary Medicine Applied to Cancer Care?

Complementary Medicine may be valuable to those who are not ill, but wish to enhance their well-being and help prevent health-related problems. However, for people who are living with a chronic or life-threatening illness like cancer, complementary medicine may improve the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of their lives.

Complementary medicine views individuals in their completeness, looking at the person.