Dr. Thiang Hoe GAN
CLS., MS., MB(Med).,PhD., HCLD (ABB) 
Senior Vice-President, Research & Development 

Dr. Gan was an Associate Professor of Immunology and later Integrative Medicine; and a Board Certified Clinical Laboratory Director with American Association of Integrative Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging / Nutritional Medicine and American Society of Clinical Pathology (Specialist Public Health). He was previously a Clinical Director at the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, Clinical Director at VitaFit Center for Life (Anti- Aging / Nutritional Medicine), Clinical Consultant with Consolidated Medical Bioanalysis, the Director of Infectious Disease / Immunology Laboratory, Assistant Research Professor of Microbiology / Medicine, Associate Integrative Associate Laboratory Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Immunology and Clinical Consultant. 

Dr. Gan has received a number of honors and awards including: 

  • Outstanding Service in the Fight Against Emphysema, Tuberculosis and Pollution and Contribution to Research on Cardiovascular Diseases from Long Beach Lung Association. 
  • Certification of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to Interns and Residents. 
  • Outstanding Teaching Award in Internal Medicine Training Program from St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach.