Mr. G.Y.H

I am 79 years old this year. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2006. My PSA level was increasing, and the hospital doctor told me that I needed surgery. I was frightened that I will die on the operating table. Thus, I refused surgery. I went for a course in radiotherapy. But in spite of this, my PSA level continued to rise. So, the hospital doctor told me I definitely needed to have surgery. I subsequently joined Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum,
Workshop and Support Group, 8 years ago in 2010. After following Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Techniques, Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally 10 Keystones to Success, and Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Exercises, my PSA level began to fall and stabilized. I also followed his food and nutrition advice strictly.

Till today, my PSA level is normal and the hospital’s doctor told me I do not need surgery. I am healthy, sleep well, lead a good quality life with peace of mind.

Mr. G.Y.H – He is well and ambulant in 2020.

Ms. M.E.

Ms. M.E., 57-year-old former administration cum finance manager is a cancer survivor. In the past she avoided talking about cancer till 8 years ago in 2012,
when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After her surgery, she read up about cancer and improved her diet to prevent the relapse of cancer. A few months later, she learnt about Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum. She attended and was very happy, as this was what she was looking for. Other than practising the techniques taught by Dr. Tan, she also volunteered at Support Group meetings and other activities.

Despite having been a grandmother, she is still very active. She works part-time and travels overseas twice a year for leisure. In spite of her past medical history, she is energetic and radiant.

Till now, in 2020, she has a good quality life and peace of mind.

Ms. M.E.

Mr. T.

78-year-old Mr. T., went through surgery treatment for prostate cancer several years ago. Unfortunately, it relapsed 5 years later.

It was then that he got to know about Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum, the phrases “Fight Cancer” and “natural methods” caught his attention.
He attended the forum and found Dr. Tan’s teachings very comprehensive, easy to understand and beneficial for cancer patients.

In order to learn more about Dr. Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally and De-stress Techniques, he subsequently attended the Workshop and Support Group meetings where cancer survivors encouraged one another.

Mr. T. said, “During Support Group meetings, cancer survivors support and care for one another, and share their own experiences. Seeing so many cancer
survivors winning their battles against cancer, it is great encouragement to me, and it has greatly enhanced my confidence. I think this is most important.”

Mr. T.

Ms. J.H.

I am a stage 4 Cancer patient. I have breast cancer cells in my bones, in the pelvis. It was diagnosed in December 2016 and I went for treatment. 6 months
later, it did not help. It spread to my lungs and other parts of my body.

Since July last year, I have been on oral chemo medicine. As in all oral chemo, there are bad side effects like sleep problems and digestion problems. As I attended Dr. David Tan’s classes, I do this Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Exercises and Techniques.

So far, in 2020, my appetite is better, I can sleep better, I have more energy.

Ms. J.H.

Ms. R.A.

I had been asked to give a testimony of my own encounter and I thought that by sharing this with you, hopefully, would encourage many of you people seated here today, to see cancer as something quite different from what we normally would see, ok? Alright, I think many of you would have had an encounter with cancer either because you are a caregiver, taking care of someone who have cancer or you may have a friend who passed on because of cancer or you yourself have cancer, under treatment or completed your treatment.

My own encounter with cancer started long time ago. When I was 16, I am quite old now, can be considered a senior citizen already. When I was 16, my mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer and by the time she was diagnosed, was quite late because at that time nobody knows much about it, so within a month she passed on.

My sister and I have each other as siblings. We have decided without her, life still have to go on and so we just go on with our lives. We have our own family and own children, until it was in March 2012, my sister discovered that she has final stage ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is not easy to detect and therefore she discovered it at a very late stage. She went through her chemo treatment in March 2012. By December, she has completed everything.

We were quite hopeful that things will work out, getting better. We even went for holiday to Hong Kong in December, spent a few days there, we were quite happy. However, during the return trip, she complained of pain on her back. In fact, during the trip she already said she felt a bit uneasy and uncomfortable, and so we thought she had too much walking.

She went for a check-up again. Unfortunately, she discovered the cancer had relapsed very quickly. She had to see the doctor to see what to do next. By the time in February, they have decided to get her another drug to control the cancer again. However, that was in February 2013. I discovered that I had breast cancer myself at that time then. My first question was how am I going to comfort her because she is my only sister. My first worry was not so much about myself, but I was quite concerned about how am I going to look after her, if I have to go for treatment.

I went through surgery in March, middle of March 2013 but my sister passed away a week after my surgery. It was a very difficult time. I persevered, I told myself I must focus on my own treatment and that was how I have to go on. I completed my treatments; surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. By then, I think it was December 2013.

For those who have gone through chemo, you know what it is like. It is not an easy time. You get tired all the time, but I was encouraged by my friends and colleagues who visited me. In December 2013, my friend asked me to attend Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally forum. I finished my treatment first, then I see how it goes.

I attended the forum in January 2014. I was just like you seated here. I remembered in this room, I was seated in front and I was listening to someone else sharing her testimony and I was quite encouraged by it, quite inspired by those stories. I have been attending since 2014 with Dr. Tan and all the other cancer survivors in the Support Group meetings. It has been a good time with encouragement from one another, we meet every 2 weeks and we follow what Dr. Tan has taught us in terms of doing the exercises and techniques that he had taught us.

For myself, I am still back at work. I am a teacher, by profession actually, and it was quite tough. I rested the whole year of 2013 to March 2014 before I returned to work. Now is 2017, I have just seen 2 batches of students and yesterday was the last day of school. I am quite happy that you know, I am again back into my normal routine and I do have to be very careful, I do change my diet, my lifestyle.

I constantly remind myself that I am no longer the super woman that I thought I was. No one is a super woman, you can have so many things, so many roles to fulfil, but there will be a time that we were told that you can’t do everything.

One thing to remember is that you should know yourself, you should know your body, you should do the things that are good for you, useful and beneficial for you, whatever you eat, whatever you do, better than the last time, even the thoughts you think because most of us have many things in our heads, we have crowded minds and sometime this crowdedness causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

Even carrying cancerous cells can be stressful, and the only way of course is to get yourself to change the mind-set.

I just want to encourage you to persevere, is not so difficult, when it’s over, you can overcome it. You can encourage others to go for it as well. Thank you.

Ms. R.A. – Presently, she is well and teaching. She leads a normal life and is grateful for the good quality life and peace of mind.

Ms. F.H.

I have been diagnosed with blood cancer, multiple myeloma (Stage 3) for coming to 13 years. I came to know about Dr Tan 3 years ago and has been an active participant in his support groups and forums. I observed that my stamina has improved tremendously and the exercises shared in the workshops has helped me to sleep better. I would like to give thanks for the care and concern that Dr. Tan had for me as a participant. I am happy now and am thankful that I met Dr. Tan.

Ms. F.H.

Mr. G.K.T.

I am a prostate cancer survivor. I got my sickness since 2013. One night I found blood in my urine, so I immediately went to the polyclinic. The doctor directed me to go to Singapore General Hospital Urology center.

I had a medical checkup. My blood was tested and I was sent for an MRI. My PSA was more than 6 and I was told it was abnormal. Normal adult should be lesser than 6. The doctor asked me to go for further tests for confirmation. However, I refused further tests as I thought it will take a long time. Also, I did not realize what is cancer. So, I was discharged.

After 1 year, I felt discomfort in my lower abdomen. I went back to the Polyclinic. A blood prostate PSA test was done. This time, the doctor told me my PSA level is nearly 10. So immediately the doctor sent me with a letter to Singapore General Hospital, urology center, to see a specialist, an Associate Professor.

The doctor sent me for further blood tests and an MRI. Initially, no cancer was detected. However, after a biopsy, cancer was confirmed.

Surgery was advised and a date for surgery was given, one month later. Meanwhile, my friend showed me the newspaper which mentioned about Dr. David
Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Forum. I joined the Forum, Workshop and Support Group and followed his Techniques for one month before the surgery.

I then went for the surgery. At the beginning my doctor told me I was stage 1 but after surgery, I was told I am stage 3(b) and that my cancer cells are very aggressive. The doctor explained to me that was why my PSA level rose from 6 to 10 after a 1-year interval.

After the surgery, I rejoined Dr. David Tan’s Support Group and attended the classes every 2 weekly.

Every morning, I do Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Exercises and Dr. David Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Techniques.

My weight has regained from 65kg, back to my normal weight of 75kg. My body and mind have improved and I have learnt how to have a quiet mind.

I learnt a lot of things from Dr. David Tan. Some of which are the 10 Key-Stones to success which I like to share: –

The First Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Eat”. Actually, last time, I used to take ice-cream, very sweet, I enjoyed too, but now I never take because I came to know; a lot of people tell me that cancer cells, they like sugar, sweet food. Ice-cream, I think everyone in the audience, everyone like ice-cream.

So now even food, I don’t take “Cha Kuey Teow”, I don’t take “Laksa”, even meat also I take lesser. Dr Tan advised me, for meat, better to take some chicken and fish. Take more vegetables. So, I followed what Dr Tan advised me.

So even now, oily food, really, I tried minus, do not take too much, just a little bit. Food is very important also. If you go every day, enjoy your food, anyhow take, so sorry, I don’t think this good for you. Food is very more important, is the first thing.

The Second Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Move”, so every time I go to the stadium. Dr Tan said you better don’t run, you just walk, fast walk. So, on Sunday mornings, holidays and evenings also, I go and walk at least, about 22,000 steps. I walk very far and come back again, I sweat.

Dr. Tan advised me to get 1 extra t-shirt, don’t wear the wet t-shirt you know, you get flu, so ok, I listened to Dr. Tan. So, I very particular in not doing very tough exercises, just fast walk.

The Third Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Say”. Ok, last time when I drive, if people make me angry, third finger come out, you know and then I want to scold. Now Dr. Tan told me, you better don’t anyhow say because this one very important, you point third finger, the other 4 fingers point back at yourself. Better you don’t do this type of thing, this is a very bad habit. So, I try to be very good, learn a lot of good things from Dr Tan.

The Fourth Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Think”. Last time I think a lot of nonsensical things when I sit. Now quiet mind, think some good things. See some friend today, invite karaoke, do some activity is good for you.

The Fifth Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Believe”. When you come to Dr. Tan’s class, you take everything, I have no doubt, I believe him because I go for so many forums before I got my sickness, all the people show me all the videos were something very awkward. When I come here, I never see, everything from Dr. Tan is to tell how to exercise, proper food, how to maintain your good health. I never see any very ugly picture.

The Sixth Key-Stone: – “I Am What I Sow”. So, you have to maintain every day. Sometimes I am also lazy. Morning very tired, today don’t exercise, better sleep.
Sometimes I bring this slip with me, I am what I sow, I have to wake up, I have to follow Dr. Tan’s advice, I have to do, otherwise my sickness, I don’t know whether come again? Or spread to other parts of my internal organs, I try to follow, I exercise every day. Morning I try to learn the techniques.

The Eighth Key-Stone: – “I Am Grateful”. I am grateful for the care, help and teachings from Dr. Tan.

The Tenth Key-Stone: – “I Am A Miracle”.

I am happy, well now and returned to work. I don’t think of my sickness anymore,
unlike before. I am a Miracle.

Thank You so much.

Mr. G.K.T. – He is Chinese educated. However, he tried sharing his testimony in English; as an attempt to bless others. He greeted 2020 with a good quality life and peace of mind.

Mrs. F.C.

I am sharing my wife’s condition as a caregiver to her during her journey of recovery from cancer 6 years ago. My wife is shy to talk in public, thus I am
the one to speak on her behalf.

6 years ago, my wife was discovered with colorectal cancer. By then the cancer was in a very advanced stage, that is the colorectal cancer had also spread to the lung & is at stage four.

When the hospital discovered that the tumor had blocked the colon totally, she had to be warded for emergency operation. It is a kind of shock to her
because she was quite young, at that time 6 years ago, 50+ years old. The tumor discovered needed immediate operation. If the tumor burst, that meant
her life would be endangered and there was no hope of recovery. Hence, she had to go through 2 major operations.

First was to remove the tumor from the colon.

After 2 months later, she went for another major operation, the lung. The lung doctor had to remove part of the lung where the tumor was. Initially they
wanted to do a micro-surgery for the lung, a keyhole surgery, in other words the surgeon wanted to cut a few tiny holes here and there. This was to
confirm whether the 2 cancers were related, only needed to remove a small part of it for biopsy. If the 2 cancers were not related, they would have to
remove half of the lung. During the operation, they discovered that there were 2 big arteries beside the lung and thus they could not do a keyhole surgery.
They then did a major surgery and at the same time, on the operating table after they removed the tumor, did a biopsy. The biopsy confirmed that the 2
tumors had a common origin, they only needed to remove a part of the lung instead of half the lung.

These 2 surgeries, the colorectal surgery as well as the lung surgery, were both major surgeries. In fact, the doctor who operated on her, gave her a 30%
chance of recovery. The chances of recovery from these kinds of cancers stage four, were low. Thus, if you don’t give up hope, there is always hope.

My wife followed Dr. Tan’s programs: Dr. Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Techniques, Dr. Tan’s Fight Cancer Naturally Exercises and Dr. Tan’s 10 Keystones to Success.

With Dr. Tan’s programs, the approach is very simple. In the mornings, my wife did some exercises. The 1st year of recovery was not very easy. Her
weight dropped to almost about 29kg, you can imagine how a person would look.

After we joined Dr. David Tan’s programs, she got into a healthy life again. Of course, she also changed her diet.

By joining Dr. David Tan’s program, in a way, cancer survivors, also gave blessings to each other and motivated each other to fight the cancer. There is
always hope, if one don’t give up.

My wife is one that shows that there is miracle. It’s already been 6 years, the lung doctor in fact discharged her, she does not have to see the lung doctor anymore. She only sees the colon doctor and of course the oncologist as well. She had a cancer marker test below 1, the result is still very good. In fact, her cancer marker is even better than a normal person.

We are grateful and this is how she is today. If we don’t share with you, you would not believe, looking at her, that she could have gone through that kind
of problems.

Mrs. F.C. – She was first diagnosed with cancer in mid-2012. Now, in 2020 she is well, leads a good quality life with peace of mind.