LifeFORCE® Spray is most convenient form of supplement on the market. It is simply a liquid sprayed underneath the tongue making it very easy to use.

The main advantage of the sublingual administration. LifeFORCE is that it’s very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and that is because the underneath of the tongue is an area rich in blood vessels.

As LifeFORCE is usually administered twice a day, it is the most convenient and effective form of growth hormone supplement.

The administration of LifeFORCE takes you only a few seconds and thus it spares you the pain of swallowing pills or taking HGH injections.

Another fact worth mentioned about LifeFORCE is that it contains no hormones. Instead it has stimulatory effect on the pituitary gland in order to produce more natural human growth hormone. Thus, LifeFORCE is a safe and healthy to use oral supplement.